What To Do Around Phoenix?

As a couple, you and your partner may find it hard to find things to do as a couple. There’s no one thing you can do for your couple’s life, but there are tons of things you can do as a couple. Things you can do alone or with other people.

Dusk comes as night falls on the buildings in the downtown urban core of Phoenix Arizona

Top Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix is known for many things. Not only does it have one of the most active Phoenix hookups and gay scenes outside of San Francisco, but it also has plenty of amazing restaurants, great shopping, events, and so much more! Here are a few suggestions for what you can do in the desert Southwest:

• Feed your artistic side by exploring the Phoenix Art Museum — This museum has a great collection to explore, and you can even take a walking tour (check out their website for more info). There is also a great cafe in the museum, and if you make a reservation, you can get free admission. The museum is well worth a visit and is a great place to visit for couples, families, and visitors of all ages.  

• Explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon — When you’re in the Arizona desert, you can’t help but be impressed by the beauty of the Grand Canyon. It’s a massive geological feature that’s visible from far away, if not from space, and it’s filled with all sorts of otherworldly features, like the hoodoos. It’s a sight you’ll want to take in before you get back to the real world, where you might be stuck at work for an afternoon.  

• Enjoy the mesmerizing views of Phoenix by Hot Air Balloon Morning Ride — there is something so romantic about flying high over the landscape in the early morning hours. A wreath of orange and pink light is all around you, clouds are drifting by, and the earth below is blanketed with the promise of tomorrow. The ride takes about an hour.

• Have your weekend brunch at FEZ — In a world where things are often taken for granted, experiencing a new thing is always a good thing. When it comes to finding a new go-to neighborhood spot for a Sunday brunch, FEZ is a great option for many. Whether you’re a local who’s been to FEZ before, a visitor who’s heard great things, or a first-timer who’s been curious about the place, come out and have a great time this weekend.

• Taste the amazing Arizona Wine — Did you know Phoenix is a hot spot for tasting Arizona wine? Located in the heart of the wine country, Phoenix has had a reputation as a climatized wine trail since the early 1970s. Within this trail, there are many wineries that specialize in making just a single varietal wine.

• Shop at Off Chute Too store — Off Chute Too is a local store that caters to the LGBT community and is a one-of-a-kind shop that is not your average store. This store specializes in selling an array of products, including apparel, jewelry, shoes, books, calendars, calendars, greeting cards, home decor, stationery, toiletries, gifts, bath products, kitchen, fun, paper goods, toys, gifts, and so much more. Off Chute Too is the best place to find gifts for everyone — …